Intense Fear

Characters will sometimes find themselves confronted by terrible situations and supernatural fear that, while harsh on the psyche, falls short of damaging a character's sanity. These situations will usually have a Fear rating, expressed as a number between 1 and 10. When exposed to something that has a Fear rating, a character must test Will + Nerve versus the Fear rating as the difficulty.

If the character fails this test, he is Shocked until no longer exposed to the source of the fear. This effect persists until the character has spent as many rounds away from the source of the Fear as he failed the test by. A character that fails this test by more than 3 becomes Broken until they have spent as many rounds as the Hear rating of the source times 2 away from the Fear source.

If a character botches this test, he takes 1 Sanity damage. He does not suffer Sanity Shock, but must test for Temporary Insanity as if he had taken Sanity damage equal to the Fear rating that caused the Fear.

Characters who are expereienced and have been exposed to the horrors of the world before may ignore some lower Fear ratings from mundane sources at GM discretion.

Intense Fear

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